Plano Personal Injury Accident Lawyers

If negligence on behalf of someone else caused an accident, and you were injured, you should receive compensation — this is something that our Plano personal injury accident lawyers feel strongly about. As a result, the team at Jim Ross Law Group serves as one of the hardest working personal injury law firms that do not rest until our clients receive full and fair compensation.

If you have been injured in an accident, we encourage you to connect with our personal injury accident lawyers in Plano TX as quickly as possible. Our team will start with you from the beginning to comb through the details of your case, find out which negligent people or parties were responsible and then hold them accountable while pursuing compensation on your behalf.

From car, truck, bicycle and train accidents, to injuries that were sustained on the job, on someone else’s property or because of a defective product, the attorneys on our staff are ready to leverage their decades of combined knowledge and experience to help you find a positive outcome.


We are Plano personal injury accident lawyers that care about your future

An accidental injury can have a lifelong effect on you. These injuries might hinder your quality of life moving forward, hamper you with medical bills or even limit your ability to work. This can put you in a tough spot financially and our personal injury accident lawyers in Plano TX want to help get you out.

While many cut-rate personal injury firms take every case they can get and settle them one at a time, we’re different. We’re not worried about the volume of our caseload — we’re focused on getting favorable results for our clients. That means working diligently to recover the compensation that you are rightfully owed, not the amount that the insurance company is willing to give.

We know what your case is worth and we don’t back down until we get it. That means, if we have to bring the matter to court and put our litigation experience to use, we certainly will. The financial well being of you and your family could be hanging in the balance — we don’t take that responsibility lightly.


Consult with the teams at Jim Ross Law Group

The process starts with a completely free, no-obligation consultation. Our Plano personal injury accident lawyers will provide you with insight into your options. If you do choose to work with Jim Ross Law Group, you will pay nothing out of pocket. We make our services accessible to everyone. Connect with us right now.